Into October We Go

How fast it is the fall is upon us, and voila the best season for running is here and going in full speed. How lucky the many young runners are who can represent their schools in the most glorious of seasons, cross country! Good luck to my former team – University at Buffalo – as they progress through the their season. Here we are, into October already.  But first, September is also back to school for me, and the beginning of the busy season.

Looking back, I did manage to get one race in during September – La Grande Vadrouille – which roughly translates to the walk about or promenade with no particular goal in mind. At least that is what I think it means? This 10km race is part of the Circuit Endurance and I try to run most of their races. And of course, we managed this one in the pouring rain. A nice Sunday morning stroll in the pouring rain is always a good reminder of how much we love running. I made it in 55 minutes too, a nice bench mark for me as I have this idea in my head that I should be able to cover 10km in the same number as my age.

October got here fast, and the month started off for me with K103 Radio Bingo, the hottest game in town! All you need are bingo cards for this activity and a wet dabber, a glass of wine helps too! This was my favorite Friday night activity for the 19 months my Mom stayed at the Turtle Bay Elders Lodge. I only play once in a while now, when there are big prizes, and my Mom still sponsors me, but she says if I win the big prize solo, I have to share it with my siblings. Ouch! Well, no such luck this past Friday, I didn’t even come close as they say.

BingoCardsAnd then yesterday was our local community race, the Mohawk Miles. Delightful weather greeted the 200 or so runners who came out to run. The course is beautiful as we run out onto the Tekakwitha Island and do a loop on the bike path. The weather also played along as it was near perfect conditions for running. After the race I enjoyed a nice plate of cornbread and sausages at the Kahnawake Youth Center, and picked up an age group award. Community races are still very enjoyable as you know most everyone at the race! I think I may have done this race upwards of 25 times or so over the years!

Mohawk-Miles-1Numbers play a big part of things for us runners so I can let everyone in on something; I just passed through my 600th running event of 35+ years or so of running. I keep a record of these things like most runners do. That includes my early days of dabbling in triathlons, run-bike dual-a-thons, a summer biathlon (run-shoot), multi-sport survivor runs (pre-Spartan days for you younger folks), fun-runs, walk-a-thons, etc. 600 events completed, on to the next 600!

Two more races to go in October and they are good ones, this upcoming Sunday I will be at La Cross des Couleurs 8km cross country race in Les Cedres, and the following Sunday is the oldest race in Quebec, the Classique de Parc la Fontaine where I will be doing the 10km. See you at the races.

6 thoughts on “Into October We Go

  1. Hi Ron;

    I read your blog entry for the Mohawk Miles, good one. Keep up the good work!! Hope for good weather in your upcoming races.

          1. Hey Laurie,
            Walking breaks are fine, the Runner’s World coach Jeff Galloway has long advocated the practice of using walking breaks as a way to extend workouts and generally improve your ability to run longer. I often walk at the water stops in races.

  2. Hi Ron, nice to find your blog…I guess that’s what it’s called. Congratulations on the milestone. Couldn’t make the Mohawk Miles this year. Will try next year. Look forward to reading more.

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